property taxes

The City of Mebane's tax rate is 49 cents per $100 of valuation on real and personal property owned in the City.  Beginning July 1, 2016, the City is contracting with Alamance and Orange Counties to collect taxes.  Property taxes are still due September 1 of each year, with a .5% discount if paid by August 31, and will appear as a separate line on the same bill as county taxes. Taxes are considered delinquent after January 5, with a 2% penalty added to unpaid taxes after that date. All unpaid taxes accrue interest at the rate of 3/4% each month thereafter, until paid.

Residents in the corporate limits pay both City and County taxes. Mebane is located in two counties, Alamance County and Orange County, so residents should contact the appropriate County for their county tax rate and valuation. Beginning July 1, residents may contact their county for tax payment and billing questions.  For questions about prior years' payments or other history, please contact Mebane's Finance Department at 919-563-5901.

Vehicle ad valorem taxes are collected by the State on behalf of the county in which you reside, and those bills arrive in the mail at the time of your annual vehicle registration.  State law allows 60 days to register a new address with the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles after moving to or within NC. 

Business Licenses and ABC Licenses: 

Based on legislation effective July 1, 2015, with the exception of those selling Beer & Wine and Peddlers, business privilege licenses are no longer issued. The process for obtaining an ABC license to sell beer or wine includes Inspections, approval of the Police Chief, and approval of the local ABC Board.  Please see the ABC Board's website for more information.

Please call the Finance Department at 919-563-5901 if you have questions regarding licensing for your specific business in the City of Mebane.