2008 Unified Development Ordinance

Article 1: General Provisions
Article 2: Administration, Development Review and Permitting Procedures
Article 3: Zoning Districts
Article 4: Use Regulations, Density, and Dimensional Standards
Table of Permitted Uses
Article 5: Overlay, Environmental and Special Purpose Regulations
Article 6: General Design and Performance Standards
Article 7: Subdivision Procedures and Design Standards
Article 8: Appeals, Variances, and Interpretations
Article 9: Amendments
Article 10: Nonconformities
Article 11: Enforcement and Judicial Review
Article 12: Definitions
Appendix A: Information Required With Applications
Appendix B: Certificates and Statements Required on Subdivisions
Appendix C: Land Uses by Class Designation
Appendix D: Information Required with Stormwater Management Applications
Appendix E: Construction Documents Checklist for Plan Review
Appendix F: Subdivision Record
Appendix G: List of Recommended Plant Materials
City of Mebane Unified Development Ordinance TOTAL