Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning

Mebane City Council adopted the Mebane Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan in 2015. Since then, it has been working to implement this plan, with the help of community members and partner organizations. A key component of the Plan's implementation is the creation of a Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC) to advise the City Council on how to most effectively serve the bicycle, pedestrian, and related needs of Mebane, as well as to advocate for these needs. It is served by staff from both the Planning and Recreation & Parks Departments.

BPAC Member Representative Area Term Expires
Rebecca Brouwer, Chair City 2025
Sarah Elder City 2023
Matt Engwall, Vice-Chair City 2022
 Katy Jones City 2025
Chelsey Morrison Orange County 2022
Jason Smith Alamance County ETJ 2025
Sylvia Sichi City 2023

The BPAC is a public commission and all of its meetings are open to the public. The schedule can be found below.