Chief CaldwellChief T. Caldwell

Chief Terrence Caldwell is a native of Chapel Hill, NC. After graduating from Chapel Hill High School, he entered the United States Army at Fort McClellan, Alabama.

Chief Caldwell served four years in the Army's Military Police Corps. During his enlistment, he specialized in Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) operations. Additionally, he completed the Army’s Non-Commission Officer’s Leadership Program at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. After active service, he served an additional two years in the Army Reserves.  

Chief Caldwell is a graduate of numerous leadership and management courses including the Law Enforcement Executive Program at North Carolina State University. He earned his Associates Degree from Alamance Community College in Criminal Justice before going on to Western Carolina University to pursue his Bachelor’s Degree in the same field. He is also a graduate of the North Carolina Criminal Justice Basic Law Enforcement Training Course for Police Officers.

Chief Caldwell is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the North Carolina Chiefs of Police Association, and the Alamance County Executives Association.

Chief Caldwell was sworn in as Mebane's Chief of Police in September, 2006.

Asst Chief Byrd Assistant Chief T. A. Byrd

 Allen Byrd became the Assistant Chief of Police of the Mebane Police Department on  September 19, 2009.

 Assistant Chief Byrd began his career with the Mebane Police Department in 1997 as a  Patrol Officer. In 2000, he was assigned to Vice and Narcotics Division. In 2003, he was  promoted to Lieutenant, Captain in 2005 and Assistant Chief in 2009.

 Assistant Chief Byrd has held a variety of assignments during his employment with the  Mebane Police Department, including assignments in the Patrol Division, Special  Response Team, and Criminal Investigations. As a Lieutenant, he oversaw the Criminal  Investigations Division which includes the Vice and Narcotics Unit. As a Captain, he  oversaw the Operations (Patrol) Division and the Special Response Team.

Assistant Chief Byrd is a graduate of the North Carolina Justice Academy’s Management Development Program (Class #20). He also holds the North Carolina Advanced Law Enforcement Certification.   Assistant Chief Byrd is a General Instructor, Taser Instructor, ASP Baton Instructor, Specialized Firearms Instructor and a Specialized Physical Fitness Instructor.



The Mebane Police Department operations division is the largest division of the police department, comprised of 21 Sworn Officers in Patrol and K9. 

Illustrative Examples of Work

  • Patrols areas in the community exhibiting both high and low crime incidents; meets and talks to people in the community about their safety and support; checks security of buildings and residences; apprehends and arrests offenders
  • Investigates traffic accidents; uses measurement devices, eye witness accounts, and determines violations to be issued; assists motorists in the exchange of information; provides information to insurance companies regarding accidents
  • Serves criminal papers and warrants and subpoenas; locates people indicted for crimes; serves warrants, orders for arrest, and criminal summons
  • Enforces speed limits by active patrol and monitoring heavy speeding areas for visibility
  • Tracks people violating traffic laws, vehicle registrations and inspections laws, and other traffic offenses
  • Conducts criminal investigations by gathering information, processing crime scenes, and interviewing witnesses
  • Responds to domestic situations; attempts to resolve conflict by recommending solutions

Lt J.L. Richardson

Lt. A. T. Cole, Operations Commander

Patrol Division

The patrol division is made up of four teams working a twelve hour rotating shift.  They are supervised by two sergeants that work a flex shift and four corporals that work the shift.  Two K9 Officers work high call volume times so they are available to assist in calls.



Sgt. C. Snell
Patrol Sergeant

Sgt. P. Davis
Patrol Sergeant 

Sgt. Rosencrans  Sgt. Cook 
Sgt. T. Rosencrans 
Patrol Sergeant
Sgt. R. Cook
Patrol Sergeant


Ward Undrwood
 Cpl. R. Ward
 Cpl. L.E. Underwood
Franklin  Nielsen
Cpl. Franklin
Cpl. D. Nielsen

Patrol Officers

 Officer Burnette  Officer Cherry
 Officer Burnette Officer Cherry 
Officer Dimas  Office Dodson 
Officer Dimas   Officer Dodson
Officer Foster   Officer Jones
 Officer Foster Officer Jones
Officer Kimrey   Officer Lopez
 Officer Kimrey  Officer Lopez
Officer McCormick  Sessoms 
 Officer McCormick Officer Sessoms
 Shumate Suitt 
 Officer Shumate  Officer Suitt
 Officer Wrightenberry  

K9 Division

The Canine program is comprised of two K9 handlers and their canine partners. The K9 handlers and canines work under the supervision of a patrol sergeant and operations lieutenant. Each K9 handler is assigned to a flex shift in patrol under Operations.

An effective canine program is an essential element to a successful police agency. A properly managed and trained canine program can significantly reduce time spent on calls for service, reduce officer safety risks, reduce risks to the public at large and have a significant effect on reducing crime. Furthermore, it provides community outreach as a conduit to educate the people to the use of canine’s in law enforcement. The police canine’s superior olfactory abilities are capable of performing at a higher degree of efficiency and accuracy when compared to an officer.

As a result, the ability to apprehend, track and locate people is a valuable asset to the agency. Obviously the law enforcement professional will never be replaced but the law enforcement canine can certainly provide an added benefit to the law enforcement community.


Support Services

The Support Services Division provides assistance and support to the community and all teams of the department. This Unit is comprised of the Records and Property and Evidence Bureau that is managed by civilians and Investigations Division. 

Lt Cole

Lt. J. L. Richardson, Support Services Commander



The Investigative Services Division, which is made up of general Investigators, is responsible for the majority of follow up investigations (which includes homicide, assaults, robbery, theft, burglary, financial crimes and juvenile crimes).

 CID Sgt. Davis

 CID Sgt. T. Crowder

Animal Control

Mebane Animal Control is responsible for enforcing city ordinances and laws pertaining to the welfare and control of animals within the city limits of Mebane. Enforcement activities range from investigating and prosecuting animal cruelty and neglect cases, violations of rabies, leash and nuisance laws and investigating potential dangerous dog complaints

 Officer Moody

                                               School Resource Officer

The roles of an SRO are identified as law enforcement officer, law-related counselor and law-related education teacher. Throughout North Carolina, School Resource Officers (SRO’s) are working to make schools more orderly, ensure safe and more secure. In its research of School Resource Officer programs in North Carolina, the Center for the Prevention of School Violence has found that, in most places, SRO’s are employees of local law enforcement agencies, and agreements between school systems and law enforcement describe the partnerships which the school systems and law enforcement agencies must maintain so that the SRO’s can be successful. Presently, Mebane Police Department has one full time School Resource Officers working with the middle school.

 Officer Petersen


Administration, Records and Evidence Division

Linda Currie Photo
Admin. Support-Office Coordinator/Mrs. Brown
The Police Records Bureau is responsible for processing and maintaining the integrity of all police reports, traffic citations, and criminal complaints that officers generate each year.  The Records Division is part of the Support Services and is overseen by the Support Services Commander.

The Records Bureau is open from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday.  The Records Bureau phone number is (919) 563-9031.

The Records Bureau is a good source of general department information.  Please feel free to call the Records Bureau for any questions, Records staff will be happy to answer questions or direct callers to the correct department.

Evidence Division

The function of the Property and Evidence Bureau is to receive, store, track and dispose of property and evidence that is collected by officers of the Mebane Police Department. Attention is given to preserving evidence for possible future laboratory examination, as well as for court room purposes. The staff maintains chain of custody for prosecution purposes and serves as a liaison to the public in the return of property. 

Property is released to the rightful owner or their designee with proper authorization and a valid photo identification (such as a driver's license, ID card or passport), by appointment only. Appointments are scheduled so that staff is available at the designated time to release property. The Property and Evidence Division is not always open, as staff spends a significant amount of time processing property and researching cases to determine what can be released to its’ rightful owner. To schedule an appointment call 919-563-9031.


K.D. Bowers, Evidence Technician