Utility Payment Plans Now Due

Payment Plan Installments Due

With the end of the Governor's Executive Order 124 (EO124) on July 29, the City has worked to establish payment plans for utility customers as directed by the EO.  Customers must pay 1/6th of the amount that was due at July 29 plus their current bill in order to avoid cutoff.  As long as EO124-eligible customers make the minimum payment due each month, no late fees will accrue and no other collection action will be taken.

Monday the 24th will be the first cutoff for utilities since February, and those who are eligible for the payment plan must make their minimum payment or face cutoff.

Payment plan documents have been mailed to those eligible, and are also available on the website here.  Please contact the utility department if you have questions about the plan or your amount that is due.  Please write to water@cityofmebane.com or call 919-563-5901.  For online payments, please visit https://www.municipalonlinepayments.com/mebanenc.
Posted on 08/19/2020