Grow Golf Now

Program Description: The Family Team Series Program

The Family Team Series Program is the cornerstone of Grow Golf Now’s effort to introduce more kids and their families to the game of golf. This program originally began as the Winter Golf Tour at the George Bryan Golf Academy in the early 1990’s. And the primary objective still remains true today:

Introduce kids to the game of golf on the course and let them learn through play.

Our philosophy is that golf can and should be a fun activity that includes the entire family – and the player is just one of many roles. The inclusion of non-playing family members in the child’s golf experience can add tremendous value to the level of fun they have as well as enhance their development and growth in the game.

Our goal is to schedule outings at Mill Creek Golf Course during days and times when the courses are not as busy. Sunday afternoons tend to be best based on previous program examples. Our junior golfers are placed on teams and play various team format golf games for about 60-75 minutes. Parents serve as team leaders, caddies, guides, ball spotters, and fans – which the kids really love to have following them!

Here are the most common things that families tell us that they LOVE about the Family Team Series Program:

  • It’s FUN and their kids want to play more golf
  • It provides them with extra family time outdoors and away from screens
  • Kids learn how to work together as a team
  • The caddie-player relationship between parent and child brings them closer together
  • New teammates quickly turn into new friendships
  • Being outside and walking the course is great exercise
  • Golf is safe and is a great activity they can play for the rest of their lives

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